3D Printing Services

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Education: Let us share a plethora of 3D knowledge by presenting to you the intriguing world of 3D Design and Printing. Consults and Presentations in small groups to multiple classroom lectures. Explore the intuitive ways 3D Printing and Design can enhance your educational objectives, directly and indirectly across countless subjects. 

Professional: Need an idea refined or enhanced? Look no further than iDSi, we can provide your firm the edge in manufacturing, rapid prototyping and molding principles with an intuitive "outside" of the box approach.

Sales & Service: Thinking of buying a 3D Printer, we can provide guidance in selecting your first or next 3D Printer. Big or small we can troubleshoot your existing assets too.


Education: Interested in acquiring a 3D Printer but don't know where to begin? iDSi can lead you in the right direction to effectively implement 3D skills to practically every grade level. Maybe you already have a 3D printer, but its not being utilized to its full potential, let iDSi breathe life into your 3D Printing programs. Let us create new thought processes and intuitive avenues of invention for your students and faculty.

Professional: Our extensive professional engineering, design and manufacturing experiences can provide a creative avenue to solve your challenges. Many of our key principles await your needs such as Product Development, Injection Molding, Sheet Metal and Complex Mechanical Parametric Assemblies.

In addition to 3D design we can provide advanced solutions such as neutral file translations, 3D Scans, intuitive Parametric Design, Skeletal Modeling and Geometric tolerances studies for both part and assemblies within a CAD solution. 



Need your idea in hand, a physical prototype to help visualize your concepts? Let us 3D Print an object so you can realize your ideas! 

Education: 3D Prints can enhance projects in subjects like Art, Science, Math, History and many more. Utilizing 3D printing will engage your students to share and collaborate ideas with ease. 

Professional: High Resolution or Low we can provide fast concepts in numerous 3D printing technologies such as  FFF, FDM, and Object (similar to SLA). Did you know 3D printable molds can be used to form Silicone or Urethane parts? We can do that too!

Think Services


Let us present and share our extensive knowledge to inspire 3D design utilizing 3D Printing at your facility. 

Education: iDSi 3D can provide several innovative ways to engage your students and faculty with comprehensive real world content building strong foundations in 3D design as early as Kindergarten through High School. Subjects to be explored range from Math, Science, Art, History, Chemistry and Shop just to name a few. 

Professional: Looking for ways to fully utilize a new or existing 3D Printer or discover whats new or how the latest 3D Printing Technologies can improve your design intent. iDSi can assist in several ways big or small.  

Sales & Service: In addition to your 3D printing needs we provide consult for intent to purchase a 3D printer, 3D Scanner or Service your existing assets.


Design Services


From napkin sketch to part in hand, iDSi can provide the link to your successful idea. Let us guide you through the process of product development or enhance your creation bringing it to the next level of development. Whether your designs are 2D or 3D we can facilitate them from concept to production fabrication documentation. Our network of designers and engineers provide real world practices to problem solve just about any project. 



3D Print Services


iDSi can provide a wide range of 3D Printing materials and processes from high resolution to large formats. Realize your concept or idea wherever they reside, in your head, on a napkin, 2D sketch, professional drawings or complex 3D models. Let us put our trade skills to use and provide a finished part as you envisioned it to be!